Factors affecting the english proficiency of fourth year students essay

Teachers also affect the proficiency of the students. Hypothesis There is no significant relationship between profile and the level of English proficiency of fourth-year students in the West District, Tanauan Division. To determine the factors affecting the oral English proficiency of would be- teachers, Chaveslikewise interpreted education freshmen enrolled in the private schools of Cagayan De Oro City.

Therefore, this paper aims to emphasize the factors affecting the level of English proficiency among International Islamic University Malaysia IIUM undergraduate students. The job of learning English was extremely uninteresting to them because they did not see it to produce a result.

Cognitive strategy training had led to significant language improvement among all high- medium- and low-rated boys, and low-rated girls in the fourth, fifth and sixth grades. Results showed that students who were most accurate in their ability perception number, verbal and spatial obtained the highest metacognitive scores.

Students who rated their proficiency as excellent, students who considered English to be important and students who showed strategy awareness also used significantly more strategies than other groups. Results indicated that students with moderate proficiency had significantly higher overall strategy use than the high or low proficiency groups, thus producing a curvilinear pattern.

In contrast, students who overestimated their verbal ability tended to report the lowest scores in metacognitive skills. Even after five years of English instruction; high school graduates came ill prepared for college work; they had rarely attained a level of proficiency in English necessary to facilitate their college academic studies.

Lethbridge, Based on the observation of the researchers, based at Indiana University at Bloomington, also assessed hot the economy was affecting students at a subset of the American colleges that participated.

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Four strategies that positively predicted language achievement were taking notes in English, avoiding verbatim translation, dividing words into parts and listening in English. Further, their perceived use of metacognitive and social strategies were also influenced by the language learning context, including learning styles, teaching approach, length of study and proficiency level.

Results indicated that students tended to employ metacognitive strategies most frequently, for instance, by reflecting on the ways in which they could monitor and evaluate their listening.

More than half of seniors working on campuses worked less than 15 hours a week, but 40 percent of full-time seniors in off-campus jobs worked more than 16 hours a week; 20 percent logged 30 or more hours. The study made by Yumul-Florendo has similarity to the present study in the sense that they dealt both in the proficiency of English language but differ in the location because present study will be confined only in Public High Schools at West Ditrict, Tanauan Division.

Lin and Farha give the researchers a perception in knowing grammar as the ability to use language, to express meaning, and to communicate effectively. To become highly competitive is the main purpose of these policies.

LNHS ; and 10 total English teachers from the three schools. Additionally, grammar writing is a long term task, and more immediate. Findings implied that students who received systematic instruction in metacognitive language learning strategies could become not only better readers, but also autonomous and strategic learners.

Findings indicated a linear relationship between strategy use and reading comprehension; students who used more effective reading strategies tended to obtain higher scores. Cultural Factors Despite learning English for almost 11 years, Malaysian undergraduate students still encounter difficulties to communicate in English.

In brief, advanced level students, equipped with better language proficiency, tended to employ a wider range of learning strategies than lower level students. Parents should also try to encourage their children to read more English books rather than watch mushy television shows.

This becomes a major concern by the Ministry of Higher Education Language as English is now used globally in most job sector around the world. According to a research conducted by Nur Afiqah binti Ab.

Phakiti examined the relationship between cognitive and metacognitive strategy use and reading test performance of students taking an English course at a university. Others look to the career that pays them the highest salary.

Finally, findings would prompt lecturers to explicitly train students in using cognitive and metacognitive strategies to predict, infer, analyse and evaluate, while endeavouring to foster principled engagement between students and their course assignments.

As said in the article: Finally, the findings of these studies are significant to the present study because the procedure by which some of these studies will be similar to the one followed by this study.

English Grammar Proficiency Essay Sample

Hamzah and Abdulah examined the metacognitive strategy use in the reading and writing of tertiary ESL students.

Research Procedures A set of questionnaire were uploaded onto Google Forms and were distributed online through social media. As suggested by the expert, some theorists consider grammar teaching ineffective whereas others believe that grammar or language is a resource for making meanings, and thus students need to be taught how to utilize this resource effectively even though the explicit teaching of grammar does not always lead to writing improvement.

Finally, high-rated girls in the fourth grade, medium-rated girls in the fifth grade and low-rated girls in the sixth also evidenced significant language improvement after metacognitive strategy training. English subject has been required by the Ministry of Higher Education to be taught in all government school after Bahasa Melayu.

3. To identify the factors affecting the English proficiency of fourth year students in Magpet National High School when analyzed in terms of personal, family, school, and community. 4. To distinguish the levels of the different factors affecting the English proficiency of.

factors affecting the english proficiency of fourth year students Essay English. In Philippine education system, high school students with ages ranging from 12 to 17 are expected to have already basic knowledge of English and the four communication skills which will enable them to function satisfactorily in certain English communication.

Factors Affecting First Year English Students Reading Comprehention as a process that requires opportunities for learners to participate in communication where making meaning is a primary goal. Reading is one of the language skills which students need to develop and the most important of all the four language skills.

English language acquisition is an involved and complex process. This lesson provides teachers with an overview of how to identify and relate to the patterns and stages of language acquisition.

Yong, FL‘A study on the cognitive and metacognitive strategies of tertiary students at an Australian-based university in Malaysia’, American Journal of Scientific Research, vol, no.

3. Factors Affecting the Academic Performance of Fourth Year Students Essay Sample Many people are heavily influenced by the professions that their parents favor. Others follow the career paths that their educational choices have opened up for them.

Factors affecting the english proficiency of fourth year students essay
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