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You can hear the slow cadences of a gaunt and weary man at Gettysburg, dedicating not a cemetery, but a nation. Every country in the world has its set of patriots — people who are ready to do anything for their country.

Such patriots are honoured very where in all ages. It is Summer and Winter, rain and sun and storms.

Short essay on Importance of Patriotism

This proud display of, and devotion to, the symbol of our nation is uniquely American. The revolt saw many acts of patriotism and devotion to Nation by freedom fighters.

There are many occasions to show ones patriotism, but during external aggression or internal subversion it can be most suitably expressed.

We love our country because there was a little tree on a hill, and grass thereon, and a sweet valley below; because the hurdy-gurdy man came along on a sunny morning in a city street; because a beach or a farm or a lane or a house that might not seem much to others were once, for each of us, made magic.

Patriotism Vs Nationalism The terms nationalism and patriotism are often used interchangeably. A pledge that stems from a document which says: Just as he grows up in the lap of his mother, he is brought from making any sacrifice for his mother land when he is called upon to do so.

The fast lasted for days with British Empire finally bowing down to the demands of Bhagat Singh and other jailed freedom fighters.

Patriotism is a must for the success of a country both in peace and war. It is the fog rolling in with the tide at Eastport, or through the Golden Gate and among the towers of San Francisco.

Our chains are forged. No Selfish Motives Patriots work selflessly for their country without any individual interest. Only in the stillness of a moonless night, or in the quiet of a Sunday afternoon, or in the thin dawn of a new day, when our world is close about us, do they rise up in our memories and stir in our sentient hearts.

It does not mean there is no room for patriotism. I know not what course others may take but as for me; give me liberty or give me death. Many people dedicate their lives to serve their nation. They are a pattern of life as lived by a free people, freedom that has its roots in rights and obligations: We have petitioned; we have remonstrated; we have supplicated; we have prostrated ourselves before the throne, and have implored its interposition to arrest the tyrannical hands of the ministry and Parliament.

It is by virtue of patriotic feeling that a man can rise and go beyond the prejudices of race, class, color, language and religion and love everyone in the country.

It is expected from every citizen of a country that he or she would cherish a deep and abiding love and concern for the country, yet there can be found many traitors and spurious patriots.

However, some people take this love for their country to the next level. The freedom struggle of India which was a golden chapter in the history of the country saw the whole nation revolting against the insolent British, who brutally suppressed the patriotic spirit of the Indians, who were chased like dogs and lath charged when they raised their voices of protest.

English essay: obama is ready to understand what patriotism can do this patriotic. Primarily, citizenship projects ideas tum phd dissertation database of history, the. Short Essay on Patriotism. Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles On February 3, By Vikash Pathak.

Its meaning: A person who strongly supports and is ready to defend his country is a patriot. The feelings and the qualities of a patriot are known as patriotism. Every country in. Short essay on Importance of Patriotism.

Category: Essays, Paragraphs and Articles, Important India On September 4, By Anurag Roy. Importance of Patriotism. The feeling of Patriotism is important for the Freedom of a Country. A partiotic person will always be ready to sacrifice his life for the love for his country. A Patriot is immortal.

Short Essay on Patriotism

Free sample essay on Patriotism in India for school and college students. Patriotism lends a great dimension to a man’s personality and it exalts him to rare heights of nobility. A patriot is not a person confined within the narrow limits of his family and his intimate circle of friends.

Sep 04,  · Essay: [Patriotism] English Essay on "Patriotism" Patriotism. Men with patriotic feelings make the real wealth of a people. Not gold but only men can make, A nation great and strong, Men who for truth and honor’s sake, Stand fast and suffer long.

This patriotic feeling can be found in many great heroes in history. In India, we know many patriots who suffered inhuman distress at the hands of the foreign rulers, because they loved their country, and wanted to make her free from the shackles of the foreign rule.

Patriotic essay in english
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